Why hire a professional writer?

In the day to day world I will occasionally come across a business owner who hears that I am a technical and content writer and they respond with ‘oh we do that ourselves’.

What this usually means is that they push the job on to admin staff who are already working long hours to get their own jobs completed.

In my experience I have seen many posts, articles and press releases that are badly formatted, poorly constructed, lacking in information and sometimes even breaching the standard privacy and defamation laws in publishing.

It is easy to spot articles where SEO strategies are non existent, personal opinion is prevalent and the writing style is all over the place.

Indirect, lengthy or misleading information can be a legal trap and a communication hazard.

The inconsistency of multiple voices being portrayed highlights that the business has no uniform style implemented and this looks unprofessional and slap hazard.

How do you want your business to be viewed?

Professional writing means clear, accurate, consistent and concise communication each and every time to customers, staff, stakeholders etc.

Your business reflects well with professional writing and your services are showcased in clear and transparently communicated content which encourages trust. This applies to public and private schools and colleges, businesses and organisations.

Take the time to review your content, analyse your consistency across all platforms and if you have multiple writers, regularly check that your content is being communicated in an engaging consistent voice.

If you have the budget and not the time, have an industry professional design & develop the written work specifically for you so it is all taken care of behind the scenes.

Is it time you reviewed your business content writing practices?

Angela – B. Comms (Journalism & Public Relations)

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