Three tips for writing engaging web content

Time is not something readers have a lot of these days.

When you are writing and updating web content, you want to base your content on the services your business offers and how it will help the clients that you want to reach.

However, you also need it to be interesting and for the reader to want to stay.

Here are three tips to help you get it right:

  1. Aim to connect with your customers on each service – inform, educate, entertain or use all three.
  2. Limit the jargon and sales-speak – keep the calls to action combined with natural use of language.
  3. Use plenty of fresh keyword-enabled content to boost your SEO ratings while making sure it is readable and enjoyable.

Put yourself in the seat of the reader and see if what you are offering is useful to them as they are the client you are aiming to reach.

Happy content writing!


B.Comms (Journalism & Public Relations)

Whipbird Creative

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