Thriving schools need thriving promotions

Leaving your social media and community presence as a low priority is high risk strategy.

It can compound the pressures of low enrolments, empty waiting lists, poor stakeholder image and unprofessional miscommunications to your parent and student community.

School press releases, newsletter content and social media posts have often been left to volunteers or administration staff who are already worked off their feet with their own important roles.

Making it a high priority and sharing or outsourcing it takes it off the administration to-do list and frees admin staff up to handle the important, timely and everyday face- to-face issues in running a school or college effectively.

Remember: your online presence is often the first (and sometimes only) impression for many newcomers to your school and it needs to be clear, accurate and concise.

Make it count and look professional or you may be watching enrolment numbers decline, resulting in fewer staff and less funding.

A greater awareness of your services means:

  • Increased enrolments/memberships
  • Healthy waiting list numbers
  • Strengthened social, community and public profiles
  • Engaging and interactive social media posts
  • Increasing parent and student awareness of your services

Take the guesswork out of submitting content to media organisations by educating your staff on best practises for web publishing. There are excellent courses available through online training courses and short courses for your social media staff to develop a familiarity with SEO strategies, privacy and publishing, defamation issues, media permissions and intellectual property rights.

If you have the budget and not the time, have an industry professional design & develop the weekly posts and articles specifically for your school or college so it is taken care of behind the scenes.

Angela – B. Comms (Journalism & Public Relations)

Whipbird Creative

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