Two BIG benefits of email campaigns.

Are you stuck in the mindset that a regular email campaign is just too hard and business owners don’t read it anyway?

You’re wrong. Worse still, that old way of thinking is costing you money as you miss out on production capability and nurturing client relationships.

We are all busy these days, but if the content you are providing has value, then you are easing a burden for business managers rather than adding to it.

Here are two big benefits to get you thinking.

Let’s use a case example of a business that supplies healthy snack vending machines to regional schools, hospitals, shops and mall centres.

Benefit One

Benefit one of sending an email to their customers is that they need material for their own customer emails and websites. Most bigger businesses now send out an email, whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly. They might have a dedicated marketing department or they might contract people like us to manage their campaigns for them.

In regularly supplying your business customers with an email, you are directly providing them with information, facts and interesting topics about your product, which they can share with their customers to keep them included and engaged.

  • Launching a new snack product? Let your stockists know so they can try it out and let you know what interest is at the frontline
  • Finding one particular range not selling well anymore? Ask what customers say about it with a social media poll.
  • Running a competition? Provide the details and images in your campaign so it can be directly shared for their customers

In that view, you are taking that hassle from their hands by providing the information for them in an attractive, glossy format direct to their inboxes.

Benefit Two

Benefit two is that the content you provide on how to use your product is valuable and useful for training staff in how to provide simple responses for customer questions.

  • Do the machines work after hours?
  • How do people use them with a credit card?
  • How often is the food changed to fresh produce?

The staff then market your product for you by knowing the answers to these questions. You have people right there at the checkouts, the front desks and the enquiry areas answering questions about YOUR product for you.

Your business is in I.T.: What do I do on a public holiday and will it cost extra? Who are your team members, do I know them?

Or maybe you supply accommodation: Who else has stayed here that I might know? Are pets welcome? Is there food nearby and what is it like?

Effective and Professional Campaign Management

Of course, you will have the all-important opt-ins and unsubscribe buttons in your processes. You will have learned about the General Data Protection Regulation guidance for Australian businesses so you can manage your email campaign effectively.

Today could be the day to further support your customers and open up new ideas for discussion on your social media pages.

You can use your newsletter content to inform, educate and entertain your customers. What messages do you want to get across? What do you want to learn from your customers? What will you learn that you didn’t know before?

Get inspired and create real relationships with the people behind the names and numbers in your database.

If you are still struggling to start your email campaign, send me a message.

Professional writing means clear, accurate, consistent and concise communication each and every time to your ideal clients. We have the resources and services that can help you communicate your business message and support you as you grow.

Thanks for reading,

Angela – B. Comms (Journalism & Public Relations)

Whipbird Creative

Angela is a professional freelance journalist, marketing and content writer who loves to write. Having written professionally for over 18 years, she has developed newspaper articles, press releases, website content, editorials, book reviews and technical support documents across a myriad of topics. She particularly enjoys working on community, health and education-based projects with a strong desire to educate and inform about business successes, issues and challenges.

With a degree in Communications majoring in Journalism and Public Relations as well as a host of certifications in the writing industry, she can provide you with the words you need. Contact her at

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