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Creative Writing – B3

Here is the next story blog excerpt for subscribers, and if you missed a chapter you can read it on the website. Rosie and Harry have arrived in London and are ready to explore the city and enjoy every tourist spot!

Creative Writing – B2

Here is the next story blog excerpt for subscribers and you can read it online if you visit my webpage. Rosie and Harry are in the air and ready for adventure but it is not going quite as planned.

Creative Writing – B1

This is an example of how to share your creative writing on your website in blog format. You can enjoy developing your characters, creating a world and sharing the challenges on their hero’s journey quest.

Two BIG benefits of email campaigns.

Are you stuck in the mindset that a regular email campaign is just too hard and business owners don’t read it anyway? You’re wrong. Worse still, that old way of thinking is costing you money as you miss out on production capability and nurturing client relationships. We are all busy these days, but if the…

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Who is Buying My Services?

Analysing Your Positioning and Target Markets To be successful in your marketing strategies, it is essential you begin with the knowledge of why you are in business and where your business is positioned.

Stale v Fresh Content

Websites get mouldy and stale. Not just a little bit stale like ‘oh I can’t find the current details on their next event’ but crusty, broken, horridly mouldy and stale. Picture this. You are a prospective client who has heard great things about a business in town. Typing the business name in to your browser,…

Thriving schools need thriving promotions

Leaving your social media and community presence as a low priority is high risk strategy. It can compound the pressures of low enrolments, empty waiting lists, poor stakeholder image and unprofessional miscommunications to your parent and student community. School press releases, newsletter content and social media posts have often been left to volunteers or administration…

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Three tips for writing engaging web content

Time is not something readers have a lot of these days. When you are writing and updating web content, you want to base your content on the services your business offers and how it will help the clients that you want to reach. However, you also need it to be interesting and for the reader…

Why hire a professional writer?

In the day to day world I will occasionally come across a business owner who hears that I am a technical and content writer and they respond with ‘oh we do that ourselves’. What this usually means is that they push the job on to admin staff who are already working long hours to get…

Allies in the Field

Networking. Just the word can make me cringe. I like the idea of meeting fellow business owners and having a chat. I really like hearing about what other people do and what services they offer. I even like swapping business cards and connecting on LinkedIn. What I don’t like is trying to get out of…

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