Journalism – Hinterland Times December 2018

Health Coach, Paige Renshaw, practises what she preaches. The results from her healthy lifestyle habits shine through in her vibrant, yet calm, manner.

Over a platter of fresh fruits and colourful salads, she shared her story with HT, of restoring her health, body and mind through whole food plant-based eating practises.

by Angela Reedman-Polinksi

How many of us feel sluggish, or tired, with a consistent stream of ailments or physical complaints? Feeling constantly unwell and lacking in vitality, Paige Renshaw took her health education into her own hands and began learning how to heal herself naturally.

“I spent a decade living with chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, weight fluctuations, endometriosis and just generally lacking inner vitality, before hitting rock bottom in 2012.”

Paige researched and trained to gain a thorough knowledge of the effects of adapting the quality and type of foods she ate, to work on her own wellness patterns.

“I revitalised my body and created a new empowered sense of ‘normal’ and so I turned those skills outwards to help others.”

Paige is a certified health coach and founder of her business, The Whole Connection, which offers health coaching services.

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