Journalism: Hinterland Times Feb 2022

This month I had the opportunity to write a feature article again for the Hinterland Times and share the news on a brand new community project starting up this year.

The Conversation Hub is a new proactive, collaborative project between Speak Up Now and Blackall Range Uniting Church. It offers a free 90-minute facilitated meeting and is available for multiple appointments. At the Conversation Hub families, can meet with a trained facilitator and professionals in areas such as finance, law and aged care to share thoughts, explore options and investigate further professional areas of support for seniors.

In the 2020-2021 financial year, the helpline received 3430 calls. Of those figures, 2022 calls were notifying of different types of elder abuse, including psychological and financial. This is a 31.8% rise from the previous year. There has been a marked rise due to the social and economic impacts associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hinterland region is no exception to the contributing issues which can affect all areas, such as housing affordability, income inequity, lack of access to aged care support and expectations around intergenerational wealth transfer.

You can get in contact with the team today at The Conversation Hub by phoning them on 0436 361 392 or by emailing confidentially to and starting your conversation today.

“I am convinced of the power of facilitated conversation and taking the time to set up a Power of Attorney agreement when times are good is the best way to help make decisions about personal matters for when times do get tougher. Please try to have that conversation now, before it is too late.” – Reverend Liena Hoffman from Blackall Range Uniting Church.

You can read the full story by collecting a copy of Hinterland Times locally or online below.

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