Journalism – Hinterland Times Nov 2018

Lou Walsh is a familiar face at Maleny State School (MSS) where she has been teaching for 26 of her 30 year career. There were excited whispers in the community about a popular new War on Waste program.

Writer, Angela Reedman-Polinski, sat down with Lou and the students to hear about the program and how everyone from prep to grade six is getting Angela Reedman-Polinski

Always working with the students to strengthen the community and build up her student’s social awareness skills, Lou Walsh is a warm, energetic and kind pillar of the school community.

“This is one of my greatest achievements in 30 years of teaching and I’m so proud of all of the Garden Club for maintaining a huge effort throughout the whole year.”

Two of the key students involved in the project, William McCallum, a Year 4 student and Helen Owens, a Year 6 student and school captain are leading the team to share an understanding of how everyday people can help the environment.

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