Project Services

I know how daunting marketing can feel, even for well-established businesses. I walk you through each stage from drafting and editing to polishing the final result.

With my marketing, it is not just about numbers and data sheets. It is about using the marketing to create, build and foster foundational connections and networks.

About Me

My clients describe my services as honest, professional and informed. The results I achieve are from burrowing through the surface and discovering the real marketing challenges of a business to effectively resolve them.

I offer my services along with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. My background and qualifications combine to provide you with valuable marketing and business development experience in a one-on-one format.

During my communications career, I have had the opportunity to work closely with many companies, schools and business professionals to develop quality web and media content. They not only keep coming back, they often nominate the business for multiple Australian business awards including Telstra Business Awards and a Women In Technology (WiT) award. That always feels great!

In my eleven years of operating my freelance business, I have strengthened the online presence of many existing businesses and fostered confidence in brand new start ups and solopreneurs.

I love it and will always be putting in the hard work behind the scenes to help your business grow.

Why choose Whipbird Creative?

I have learned that we all have busy, personal and often complicated lives. I am guessing you are no different?

My ultimate goal for a client is to reach your goals and actively promote your business services. There is a difference in our marketing services though, we take it slower. We support you to reach those goals at your own pace.

Marketing can be a win-win situation and supporting, encouraging and building connections with your future customers feels a lot better than the off-the-shelf manipulating, funnelling and pushing through a sales format which can be bought in a package.

My marketing strategies are tailored monthly, quarterly or annually to meet your current time, budget and focus. We know that many of my clients are already juggling family commitments, chronic health challenges or their own personal schedule and priorities and we want to support them.

See what our clients say about us and the awards we have been nominated for.

Marketing Services

Take the leap and grow your business today! Here are a selection of the marketing and journalism services we can offer you.

Marketing Plan Development

Our first step in the marketing process is to review what marketing strategies you have been using and analyse where they have been working for you. Marketing and business growth books are helpful, but no-one knows your business like you and having a professional at your desk makes all the difference.

The goal is to see, understand and analyse your business marketing practices and to identify the marketing position you are in today. We then develop your marketing plan with new quarterly goals and personalised strategies to promote your business services.

Business Blog Post Development

Do you publish a regular blog post to promote your services? Blogs are an excellent strategy for sharing your industry knowledge to earn the respect of your peers and form connections. We work with you to create engaging, professional targeted blog posts. This allows your readers to build a relationship with your business and increase your sales.

Great blogs are shared in a conversational tone – just like you’re talking to someone in a café or at the office to encourage feedback and develop conversations. This allows your readers to build a relationship with your business and can increase your sales.

Press Release Development & Distribution  

Press releases can result in multiple published articles about your business. Build your brand up with increased exposure and showcase your services with professional press releases written for you by a qualified journalist.

We handle all of the press release communication for you.

Email Campaign Content Development

How do you make your email address work for you? Distributing emails to people interested in your business is a powerful tool for reaching the right clients. You need targeted content to interest and communicate with people who want to know more about what you can offer.

We offer a fully managed email campaign development and distribution service. This means no more scrambling for content to put in your email campaigns, we collate it for you including editing and deep-linked content, structured in marketing-based language with calls to action. The campaign is then tested and distributed, via your MailChimp application and the results are analysed including opens, clicks on calls to action and feedback responses.

Copywriting Content Service

This service offers you web site content development for your website pages, emails, letters and promotional communications.

Did you want to:

  • Announce Covid-19 business service changes?
  • Approach other businesses for collaboration?
  • Set up a landing page?
  • Tell staff about a business-wide update?
  • Tell clients about your upcoming new services?

Present your business communications in a consistent voice across all of your branding with professional content.

Freshen up stale text, re-focus your branding or have a brand-new page developed to reach the right audience.

Testimonial and Case Studies Collection

This service is the collection of powerful testimonials and case studies from your existing clients. You can then use these to demonstrate your word of mouth reputation and provide social proof on your website and social media channels.

Our client testimonial and case study collection service enables you to secure positive, specific and targeted content from your ideal customers without the hassle and awkwardness of requesting them yourself.

You can get on with the business of interacting with your customers while we professionally and discreetly collect your testimonials and/or develop your case studies.

If you think we might be the right fit for you, please send us a message.