We get it. If you are in business, ​you like to do what you are good at and let other people handle the rest.

Many of our clients work alone. They are raising a family while working on their business and often it feels like a completely solo journey at their desk.  Everything is on their shoulders and the nights are long and uncertain.

Then along comes one of your competitors at one of those dreaded network meeting events to tell you all about their new social media person and what a marvellous difference they are making. Bleugh. It feels lonely.

We hear our customers at the start of our first meeting with them saying “I want to market my business to stay ahead but I just don’t have a spare minute to do it, where do I find the time?!”

We listen to the struggles and it gets real. You have been stuck wondering how on earth you are supposed to do the work, manage the books AND promote the business.

Well, now you have us!

We hear you and we can take care of it for you.

Our marketing services include:

  • providing smart and simple monthly B2B marketing campaigns
  • supplying new digital content for your website
  • developing industry blogs and corporate content

You won’t need all of it. Most months you want the standard ticking over requirements – a blog post for your LinkedIn and Facebook profile and a couple of really engaging social media posts. Other months the budget is more flexible and you’d like the standard services but hey, let’s try out a press release and a new email campaign to catch those seasonal sales early.

With qualifications in journalism and public relations, we offer a variable and broad skill set for your business needs. Have a look through our online portfolio to see examples of our completed projects.

We work with you via phone, email, Messenger/Skype or can come to you. If you have a project in mind, send your details through the Contact page so we can get the ball rolling.