“Angela helps them find their own areas of skill within the vast marketing space.”

I first met Angela in 2013 when she began participating in my not for profit group, Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs.  Angela became a regular attendee, and I watched her naturally connect, and share referrals, with other business women.

By 2015, we were working together on occasional tasks and short projects and referrals. When my publishing business Author Support Services expanded to the point we needed a marketing expert to join the team, Angela was my first choice.

Her naturally warm and helpful nature, plus her expertise in digital marketing, made her perfect for the role. Angela nurtures our emerging authors to create what is often their first ever marketing plan and helps them find their own areas of skill within the vast marketing space.

I’ve found her extremely easy to work with and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my colleagues in business.

Especially if they, like me, enjoy long brainstorming emails, funny crazy kids and the occasional coffee and chat.  Often all at once.

Alex Fullerton
Author’s Consultant

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