“Really listens to my needs, gets on the same page.”

I have been a client of Angela and her business, Whipbird Creative for my website and online presence needs. I am ecstatic about the level of service and professionalism she has put into my new fledgling business, finding her always to deliver much more than I expected and the results are speaking for themselves.

Angela is what I truly call ‘an extra mile person’ who really listens to my needs, gets on the ‘same page’ and uses her amazing abilities of public relations, with a mix of highly developed online platform technical skills, to present me at my very best in my sphere of endeavour.

She is exceptionally gifted as a creative and professional writer and arranger of online content; being able to understand, edit, and present concepts producing great feedback from my readers. I consider her a close friend and a ‘great find’ in an online world, which for some of us who have a less technical ability, is hard to put across our messages and value. I highly recommend her as a very considerate person who achieves a very high professional standard.

I know Angela’s services would be a great asset to any organisation.

Dave Brebner
Career Coach (Tourette’s Specialist) and Adult Educator

Nomination 2019 for Whipbird Creative by Dave Brebner