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Effective content marketing. It’s a powerful service that can transform your business. Your business shines online and your clients regularly re-book and enthusiastically tell their networks all about you. That’s the ultimate goal.

When you have this, you feel confident in your business. You know exactly who your clients are, what services you offer them and how to keep them coming back for more. As your business grows you enjoy the new decisions you need to consider. You might bring on extra staff or maybe outsource and take that well-earned time off you keep talking about on weekends. Where will you go?

But maybe right now, you are not there. You don’t know where to begin. That web content from a few years ago isn’t working. Your email campaigns and social media posts are not being seen and your viewer stats are low. Those favourite clients didn’t come back. Why? What went wrong and how do you find out?

I offer you value and expertise in marketing services specifically developed for service-based companies and consultants. I break it down into simple steps and we work together each month to see the difference in your business.

Browse through my portfolio page to see how I have helped clients in the exact same business situation as you for fourteen years. Is it your time to shine? Let’s talk and place the power into your words.


Media & Communications Writer.
Founder & Director – Whipbird Creative.

Creative Writing – B1

This is an example of how to share your creative writing on your website in blog format. You can enjoy developing your characters, creating a world and sharing their challenges on their hero’s journey quest. I’ll be releasing this story in blog excepts for subscribers and you can read it here if you visit my… Read more Creative Writing – B1